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Basic ideology of Imoto Seitai

Message from Mr. Georges TORRENT, the Director of Imoto Seitai Europe

Dear Imoto Sensei (Maitre Imoto),

Nearly twenty years passed since we met at the Paris seminar in 1995 and the few sentences you wrote to me: " Georges san, here we are together after so long time. I hope that Seitai, our new bond will follow us the rest of our life". Those few sentences touched me so much.



During all these years, I tried to learn the bases, the technique and the know-how related to Imoto Seitai, and particularly the respect of the life we touch. You and all the teachers made me understand quickly an essential and important thing in the practice, the "KI". As a foreigner, coming from Europe with a different approach, I ask you at the Harajuku Dojo: " Sensei, first can you explain to me, and I will do it". Your answer was very short and precise: " No no Georges san, first you do and then I will explain". From this moment I understood that it was not an intellectual approach what was needed, but the feeling and "KI" through the sensitivity of the hands. This is Imoto Seitai.


Actually, through your work, your devotion, your teaching, "Imoto Seitai Human Body Dynamics Education Institute" became recognized and respected. Plus of that, through all the years with your experience you never stop to improve and make evolve this art. It makes that this therapy is constantly updated and adapted to the requirements and actual needs. Briefly, a living therapy.


To teach this wonderful and precious knowledge as serious as possible, you build a staff around you, who are able to transmit this knowledge to the students in the different Imoto Seitai School in Japan, with devotion and a very professional way.

To be a member of Imoto Seitai Staff is a privilege. As the success of a company depends on its leader, we are very lucky to have you as an example. It is our turn now to be able to motivate and transmit.


This is what I feel on my assignment as the director of Imoto Seitai Europe, conscious of the engagement and responsibility that this function means. This nomination is a mark of your confidence and touches me deeply. It's with a very big gratitude that I receive this assignment. Thank you also to all the Imoto Seitai Staff Japan for their support and encouragement during all these years.


Promote Imoto Seitai in Europe is not easy, because like in Japan, there is so many therapies. I thought that the best way to differentiate Imoto Seitai from the others was not through more aggressive publicity like they do, but through serious and professional treatments and teaching. It was important to build a stable base for the future. And finely, these efforts start bringing the expected results, some students with serious potential follow us in this way and dream to study at the Imoto Seitai dojo in Tokyo.


With all the respect I have for Sensei, for his staff, all the students in the dojo, who make me feel the warmness of the big Seitai family, all the different people I met all these years during the different stay, who made me feel the wealth of the Japanese culture, I will do my best in order that all these values will be respected in Imoto Seitai Europe.

Dear Sensei, with my deep gratitude,





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