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Basic ideology of Imoto Seitai

Basic ideology of Imoto Seitai

The human body has the power to restore itself naturally to its normal condition from common illness and injury without external interference. This we call body's natural healing power.

While this natural healing power works unconsciously, various factors that weaken or obstruct its ability to function are revealed to the Seitai practitioner when examining the condition of the body's skeletal frame and muscles.

Seitai is a method that activates the natural healing power of the body by determining the source of a problem and thereafter applying the appropriate Seitai technique. Seitai combines the essence of hidden technique of a master of various healing therapies that existed in Japan at the time of a Second World War. Fearing that secret techniques would be lost, the masters of various therapies assembled to scrutinize each technique, and preserve only those that were absolutely effective. Seitai developed from the combination and perfection of such techniques. Until then, the so- called "secret" or "esoteric" healing techniques has traditionally been passed down to only a few recipients in Japan and other Asian countries.

I began learning Seitai from my father, .a Seitai master, when I was five years old. However, my own discoveries and ideas into my form of Seitai in accordance with the changes I have witnessed occurring in the human body over the past fifty years. For this reason, I have named my particular Seitai theory and techniques "Imoto Seitai"(hereinafter, Seitai).

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Respect for life

Life, which we experience only once, is precious. Looking back on my years of experience of life associated with Seitai, I myself cannot but feel wonder and reverence for the sublimity of life.

The fundamental concept in the basic ideology of Imoto Seitai, of importance to all individuals, is how one expresses gratitude for this magnificent life.

A life is not a machine. Life varies individually and changes continuously. A Seitai practitioner must be sensitive to all the subtle changes in the individual body. Therefore, a Seitai treatment is not at all similar to massaging a recipient's body in accordance with a prescribed manual.

The Seitai practitioner approaches the recipient's life with complete devotion, making every effort to guide that life in the direction that is most appropriate for the individual's unique constitution. The recipient too is required to have a sincere attitude to accept the guidance.

Such pure interaction between practitioner and recipient generates the mutual enhancement of KI - the body's vital energy- and makes Seitai treatment possible.

**Excerpts from "The Seitai Method" published by Kodansha International Ltd.

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